Thrifter’s Guide to Look Great All the Time

Many of us are into fashion but admit it, not everyone has access to it. While there are many individuals who cannot afford to buy the clothes, shoes, jewelry, and apparel they want, there are also those who just don’t have time to do it. For the latter case, they are still lucky because they can still hire a personal shopper to do the job for them.  

There are many reasons why there are people who can’t afford to be updated when it comes to fashion. Clothes and accessories are not always cheap and other than spending for it, they choose to be wiser and just spend their money on other more important needs. This is understandable but there is also a solution for this. To tell you, I’m one of those fashionistas that takes pride in the way I value my money. I know that not all of us born to be savvy thrifter, hence, I will tell you my secrets how to become one. All you need is to have a creative mind and keen eyes when it comes to fashion. Here’s how to do it: 

Custom- made – I really love wearing custom-made clothes because it makes feels good. I feel unique wearing my own design. I don’t really know how to sew but if you know how to do it, much better because you don’t have to go to the tailor shop and pay them to sew outfits for you. The good part in custom-made is that every outfit is specifically made to suit your needs. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to textile, pattern, seam, color, and sizes. You don’t even need to think about the need for alterations like the way most of us do when we buy clothes in the department stores or in an online shop. 

The tailor-made outfit is a great way to save your money. All you need is a tailor you can trust. You can just tell them the design you want the outfit incorporate and you are done. This is very affordable and knowing that it is your own ideas can bring more confidence to the masterpiece.  

Bargain Sale – My second secret is, I usually go to the mall when there is bargain sale. My ears and eyes are as fast as fast cash home buyers when it comes to bargain sales. You can get here almost anything and all outfits you may want can be available in up to 50% off, and that’s a lot of savings.  

Online Thrift Shop – I’m not into online thrift shop before but when I tried it once I really do like it. I think online thrifting is one of the most affordable and effortless way to shopping because once you have done your payment, they will deliver the items right at your doorstep. Just be careful about where you shop so you won’t be a victim of a scam.  

The most important secret I have that needs to be told to everybody is that you should not buy clothes that you don’t need! Boost your creativity in fashion. You can make an outfit just by mixing and matching the clothes on your wardrobe. Take care all of your clothes especially the pricey and luxurious ones. Do you have other ideas on how to be a savvy thrifter? Then tell us about it today. 

Places To Shop For Bargains Online

save money when shopping online

Do you want to get all the best bargains without going out of your home and paying hefty amounts just for transportation? Well, now there is a great solution for you. You can take advantage of online shopping.


Extreme Savings With Diva Desirae presents all the best websites for you to do your online shopping:


If you are after amazing fashion finds, know that most shops now offer online outlet centers. Take for example the show brand Clark’s. They have an outlet shop that offers all the best bargains on shoes, sandals and boots from the previous season. For different designer pieces, check out, with discounts raning from 40 to 80 percent on their great collection.


The big online retailer also offers a special discount section. Check out their website to see great discounts on various items such as clothes, beauty products and all sorts of things. The great thing about Amazon is that their discounts can even go as high as 99 percent.


Another wonderful online discount find are auction shops. There are various dollar auction shops available online where you can simply bid for wonderful items at only a fraction of their actual retail prices. These websites include, BidYell or even BidChase. Just remember to set an actual limit for yourself to ensure that you truly get a bargain.


In terms of food, there are also some food websites which offer still edible food at a fraction of the cost. Most of these food items are past their best before dates but definitely not their use by dates. Use the Internet to check out all of these websites.


There are also a lot of used furniture shops online that provide great bargains for furniture buyers. Perfect for students or those who are just starting out.


Want more bargain hunting tips? Always check out this site for more information.

Extreme Savings With Diva Desirae

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We all love bargains, right? Especially since there is a shared belief that bargains bring in good value for money. In fact, people love bargains so much that they oftentimes go bargain hunting, always on the look-out for discounted or sale items of big brands, going through thrift shops or even looking for amazing finds behind their neighborhood garage doors in Wichita.


It is important however to understand that oftentimes, shops prey on customers to get rid of old stock or items that are not necessarily at bargain prices. At such, it pays to be a savvy shopper. Extreme Savings With Diva Desirae will help you become a great bargain hunter and savvy shopper. This website is designed for all bargain collectors to hone their shopping skills and be smart when it comes to shopping.


how to save moneySo how do you become a savvy shopper? First off, never forget that shops actually use certain psychological tactics on shoppers. This will definitely explain the fact that when you go inside a shop only thinking to buy a specific item, you go out with so much more. Some of these items are oftentimes those that you do not actually need. According to experts, this is due to the fact during sale or promotional events, shops try to make the buyers feel empowered. This results to so much excitement sometimes that it interferes with rational thinking.


To counter this, Extreme Savings With Diva Desirae has come up with some tips to ensure you get smart with your shopping:


  1. As much as possible, go to shops alone. People oftentimes bring friends or members of the family when they are out shopping especially if there are promotions. Unfortunately, this often results to peer pressure, with you ending up buying more than you need or have the budget for.
  2. Have you ever noticed that when stores run promotions, you can oftentimes hear loud music blaring all over the store? This is because it has been proven that music, especially upbeat ones, actually encourage the shopper to buy more. Oftentimes, loud music bring about confusion or distraction on the side of the buyer.
  3. Always bring a shopping list. In doing so, you have a guide on what to buy and you become more methodical in your shopping. This can also help curb impulse buying.
  4. When you are in the midst of buying something, always think not once or twice before actually going over to the counter. Count to ten and consider the item that you are paying for at least thrice. This will enable you to think clearly if you really need the item that you have in your hands.
  5. Do not be afraid to ask questions and understand what it is that you are buying. Sales representative are there for a reason, to help you. As such, pepper them with questions if needed.
  6. Always shop when you are in a good mood. Shopping when depressed or when you are feeling blue oftentimes result to a lot of impulse buys.


Now, do you think you are ready to hit the stores?