$5/2 Clairol Coupon Controversy!

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I tried to stay away from brining up the controversy on this coupon but so many have emailed, and commented about it that I wanted to address it in one post.

Clairol put out a coupon this past weekend in the 7/7 p&g which states – “$5 off any 2 Clairol products”.

If you look on Clairol lists as their products on their official website: all of their products are hair colors and dyes. Not a single Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner. I know several people have used this coupon on shampoo & conditioner already.

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After speaking to Clairol it seems that they have made a mistake. They have stated on their Facebook that this coupon is for hair color only. BUT if you have already used it on anything other than that they are going to reimburse the stores for their mistake.

So know that you know what the coupon is intended for there should be no need to go and use it on anything other than hair color. Just because they made a mistake does not mean we need to take advantage of it.

I would think that you couponers are honest, and will not go out and take advantage of this deal dishonestly. Please refrain from any talk about this coupon other than this post, and refrain from any pictures posted purchasing anything other than hair color after you have been educated about this matter.



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    This is the reason they quit putting the 10 coupon for whites trips. I know people who were using them for tide.

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      They were using it for Tide..WOW.!!! People are crooked aren’t they. Puts all of us in a bad light who do it right. I coupon to offset cost to care for my family. I don’t need 60 bottles of shampoo all at once..

  2. 3
    Mary Brisky says:

    Thank you Desirae! I looked on “YOUR” site yesterday and found nothing so am so glad you commented today and set the record straight……knew you would keep us all on the straight and narrow and I promise I do appreciate it!

  3. 4

    I thought this kind of abuse wasn’t even possible with the new bar codes.

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      Elma k knight says:

      I didn’t even think of using the coupon for anything other than hair color since that is all that is on the picture anyway.

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