Worst Target Experience Ever – Treated Like A Criminal!

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For anyone that knows me knows that I love Target. I don’t just love it, I am obsessed with that store. I seriously am in the store about 4-5 times a week scoping out deals, finding clearance & much more. I love that place – until today! Being a couponer for the past 6 yrs + I have witnessed a lot of stuff, and been treated unfair but today topped the line. Being a couponer you are usually always under the microscope where they assume you are doing something wrong right off the bat and are always quick to try to correct you. Now I have been doing this for a very long time, I am very well-educated on the policies, I know their rules. I know what I can and cannot do & I never push a limit. I stick to the rules, policies, limits. Some may want to know why I didn’t just walk away and not stand my ground. Being a new couponer you will run into problems like this – If you just walk away nothing will get resolved, you will be completely upset and want to give up. Being a couponer you have to stand your ground some time, of course with respect to show that you will not back down and you will not succumb to this bull.

I am warning you know this is going to be looooonnnngggggg……. I apologize now for anything that might be repeated or misspelled.

Before we get started I have no shame in using the team members real names – These are horrible customer service people who other couponers need to look out for and remember that nothing good will come out of the situation if they are dealing with them. Also know that it was 6pm – this Target was packed out. Every single person stared at me, I was completely embarrassed.

Lets start with how this went down. Today I was in Huntersville, NC getting my inspection done at Modern Nissan and I decided to hop on over to that Target and check it out. Occasionally they will have different clearance than us since its not a huge store and not many people coupon there. To my surprise I found a ton of deals. So many deals I got so excited and filled my buggy. Of course I was sticking to my limit, using no more than 4 ‘like’ coupons, and making sure all my coupons were being used correctly. I proceeded to check out after going over  everything once more. The female cashier name Tyla started ringing up my items not really saying much. About half way through my order she looks up and ask me if I have any coupons. I of course say yes & she stops doing what she is doing and tells me that I cannot buy all these items because since I am using coupons I can only purchase 4 of the same item. Now mind you before she realized I had coupons she proceeded to scan all 6 tide I was buying not even blinking. But now all of a sudden since I have coupons I am only allowed to purchase 4 item. I said to her “I have been couponing for 6+ years and never heard such a thing, if that is a new policy I would love to see where its stated”. She told me that she didn’t know where is was stated she just knew that was the policy. I then asked for a manager so I could clarify some things because if that is a ‘new’ policy I would love to pass on to others, and would love to see it in writing to know that wasn’t something they decided to make up for couponers. The manager Mary comes over – now let me tell you about her. She is one rude rude rude lady. Every single time I am in that store she always comes to the register and over looks what I am doing, she has even taken over the cashier so that she can check me out. She has always treated me like a criminal. I knew the minute she walked over we were going to have trouble. The cashier asked “isn’t it only 4 like items per transaction since she is using coupons’. Mary looked at me and say “that is correct only 4 like items”. I then asked here where in the policy did it state that, that I wanted to see it because I never heard such a thing. She then told me that she doesn’t know where its stated but its the rules. The cashier Tyla then walks off and tries to find a paper where it states that such thing. She then comes back with a sign & a paper where Mary reads it and says well it doesn’t say it here. So she couldn’t find a single thing that stated this such policy. So I asked for a bigger manager something that might be knowledgeable and could help me out. That is when manager Jack comes over and I explain to him what is going on. Jack was very nice at first and understanding. He told me he wanted me to have a good experience, that he didn’t want me to have any trouble yadda yadda. But then he proceeded to tell me that, that is in fact their policy. I tried telling him that I was very upset that there so-called policy is never never never consistent. One day I will get a great cashier that doesn’t say a word, the next day its a horrible experience. Then its always some new policy, or new crap that they are trying to make up. He said he appreciated the feedback, but that right now he had to stick to this policy. At that point I said okay that’s fine, I only had maybe 4 items that needed to be put back. I told him I would call corporate and speak to them to find out if I am in the right or wrong. Jack and mary left and the cashier Tyra started to scan the rest of my items. When it came time to hand over my coupons out of know where this elder cashier next lane over turns off her light and comes over. She picks up my coupons that are on top of my wallet, throws her glasses on and says now lets read these coupons. I looked at her and said excuse me? I totally didn’t understand where she came from, and why she decided she could take my coupons off my wallet and start scrutinizing them. Like she just came over and took over. So here is where the bigger problem started….

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 8.17.06 PM

They had these 6 load Tide on clearance for $2.08 – they were NOT trial. They are located in the laundry section right next to the bigger bottles. The trial size are the ones in the trial section that are in little bags and are only 1 load. I made sure of this, and made sure no where on them did they state trial. I picked up 6 of them, not clearing a shelf and was going to use the $3 off 3 target tide coupon + the $3 off 3 manufacture coupon making them $.08 each.

Well the elder cashier starts reading the Target tide coupon and states that she already knows it’s not going to work but scans it anyways. It says “coupon cannot be used” or whatever it usually says. She looks at me with such a nasty look and says “I told you it wouldn’t work, you bought the small tide you have to buy the large tide, this is trial and cannot be used”. At this point I am already upset because of everything previously, then more upset because she comes and takes over like she knows exactly what she is talking about. I then try to explain to her that this isn’t trial, I will be more than happy to take her to the trial size and show here. That the coupon does not state a size on it, and these are items that can be used with that coupon correctly. Evidently she cannot read because she tries telling me that I am trying to use 2 of these coupons on one item and get $6 off, and these items are only $2.08 so I cannot just do that. I tried 3 times to explain to her that I am using that coupon on 3 items, not just one they will not be free. Well she just has it in her mind that it’s not allowed, she keeps rudely interrupting me saying “Ma’am i know what I am doing, you cannot do this, you have the wrong size. At that point I am completely just about had it! I ask her to just call the manager back because she didn’t know what she was talking about, and evidently didn’t know the coupon policy at all. Mary arrives back and the elder cashier explains it to her, Mary says she is correct I cannot use it. The computer wont accept the coupon so she cannot use it. The elder lady then comes over and starts going through my cart, and getting items out of it. At that point I just want this lady gone, she is a cashier that hasn’t got a clue what is going on, cannot read, and is making stuff up. She is just making me more irritated, and upset. I politely ask her to please leave my cart alone I can get the items myself – Nasty she says “I’m getting some items for my manager”. Now listen I try, I try my hardest to be the nicest couponer out there. I never ever ever like confrontation. I always try to solve the problem as quick and easier as I can. But this time I was being treated like I was a criminal and I was not going to back down. I was going to prove me point, and prove that couponers do not need to be treated like this.

So meanwhile Mary is trying to explain to me that not matter if I am purchasing the correct items with the coupon if the computer says no that she cannot accept it. I am sorry but I have had this problem a lot especially with clearance items. Sometimes the coupons just don’t want to go through but the manager always comes over, verifies it and presses K1 and it goes right through. I even tried explaining that to Mary and she didn’t want no part in it, it was either her way or no way. So during this ordeal Jack comes over with a smile on his face like nothing is wrong. He says to me “now I am going to do this as nice as possible, please be respectful to my team members”. First off all I haven’t disrespected them, all I am trying to do is use my coupons correctly get my items and leave. I have not been at checkout for about 45min and I am just tried, and so upset. The elder lady jumps in and starts rattling off that I am trying to purchase trial tide and that my coupons are wrong yadda yadda. I just look at Jack and say I am trying to be as nice as possible – Your cashier has no clue what she is talking about, she doesn’t understand the wording on the coupons because she things I am trying to use 2 coupons for $3 off each on one item that there is no way. Jack ask if they tried to scan the coupon, and they did and it came up coupon cannot be accepted. He then told me if the computer says that he cannot do anything about it. He cannot push it through, he cannot do anything. Pretty much I cannot use the coupon, I cannot get my items and there was nothing he could do. At this point I am fuming upset because here the only manager doesn’t know the policy, his cashiers don’t know. I then tell him that I find it funny that every single time I come in here Mary always alway always has to watch over me , she takes over, etc. Even one day I bought a crib for a friend for there and I couldn’t fit it in my car so I asked if they could hold it for 10min while I went and got a bigger vehicle and she told me know I couldn’t because they couldn’t hold it. That’s a whole other ordeal. So with tears in my eyes from being so frustrated I looked at him and told him that I was very upset that they didn’t have a clue, I was very upset that this elder lady thought she could go through my things, and take my coupons off my wallet. I was just upset and vented my frustration on him. Then lo and behold here comes the little rent-a-cop security – who comes and stands by my side. He looked at my thinking I was going to go crazy I guess like I was going to do something who knows. I ended up tuning Jack out because I was just at loss for words at how they treated me, and how they didn’t care that I was doing something that wasn’t wrong at all. It wasn’t just the tide coupon, it was the chapstick coupon, it was the C9 coupon, it was the swiffer coupon. Every coupon I was trying to use was being used wrong, and they tried to find an error in every single thing. Jack ended up handing me 2 $3 coupons that were off my order for my troubles. Ha $6 off really? I have to go through all of this and you give me $6 off?!? I looked at him and laughed and said “will I be able to use these or will be be invalid, because I am sure you will find something wrong with them too”. He laughed and said “no, now have a nice night” and walked off. So here I was left with Mary and the elder lady. The thing is now is that I wanted those items. My Target didn’t have several of them, and I wanted those items. So Mary asked me what I wanted to do and I told her to void the entire transaction. She asked me if I wanted to just pay and not use my coupons – Ha! Ya like I want to pay $99 for items that I have coupons for that would be near free or cheap! Mean while I look over and the elder lady is going through my bags again! Mary ask her what she is doing and in a nasty tone she says “Well she said to void it all, and I am going to do just that”.  I look over and say “Umm I think I am very capable of taking those items out of my bag, I do not need your help”.

Are you tired yet? Because I am tired of typing but hey it’s almost finished….

So I take my buggy from the elder lady and I start looking through my bags and getting the items I want, and putting the others up to give back. So I have her scan my items and I had over my coupons one-by-one and explain to her what I am using them on. Every one of those coupons goes through just fine. But here is the funny thing – 3 of my coupons were for chapstick that was clearance to $1.40 and I had a $1.50 peelie for and she let those coupons go right through giving me the overage. Right there is an inconsistency problem. Target doesn’t do overage, and if they are so stern on their policy why did she allow that to happen? Right there made me more upset!

Then get this – I check out and pay my total. Guess what she says to me? “Next time do not bring your photo copied coupons” Ummm excuse me did I just hear that right? Did she state my coupons were copies? I looked at her and said “How dare you say they are copies, I have been doing this for 6+ years and know that is highly against the law, and that is totally unacceptable”. I would never ever ever do that ever! How dare she tell me my coupons were copies! Ohh that just sent me over the edge!

I headed to my car – called corporate because I have them in my contact list and gave them an ear full. I think I was on the phone for an hour trying to explain to her everything that happened and I am sure I left outs some of it. I asked her what the policy was on the number of items and she told me that i was CORRECT! That if I had 4 $3/3 coupons that I could get 12 items. It didn’t matter – there was no limit like that! She did say that my call was being recorded and they were sending the tape to the corporate managers and it would be fixed. Now I am sure it will not be which is a sad thing. I have complain several times about this store and nothing has been done. I never get a sorry, or call back or anything. It’s always the same problem with this store. What they need to do is hire customer service people who know what they are talking about, and know how to handle customers when they are upset. Not ones that will go through your stuff, talk down to you, treat you like a criminal….

So there is my long story, I apologize. I am sure I left something out but I am still upset about it. I am still upset that couponers are sectioned out and treated like criminals like they are doing something horrible. I am tired of this happening to us especially those newbies that have to go through things like this. Those are the ones that will never pick up a coupon again. I was so embarrassed that everyone in that store had to see and hear it. I was embarrassed that people seen me cry and probably thought I was a crazy couponer when really I was just trying to stand by ground and prove that they were in the wrong which they were. So if you are ever in a situation like this, do not back down, do not let them treat you like criminals. Dont allow them to ruin your day, or your savings. If you are doing everything correctly like you should, nothing should be wrong. Stores get their money back for coupons + $.08 for each one. They arent loosing anything and sometimes they act like they are. So you couponers stay strong – maybe one say couponers will be welcomed everywhere <3

Now don’t get my wrong I will step foot in Target again – but not this one!

Ohh and for those of you asking – I did let them know who I was and where I have been featured. I let them know to expect a huge blog post about it too 🙂 Feel free to share this story to get the word out.



  1. 1
    evelyn says:

    sorry to hear about this encounter

  2. 2

    Boo to Target!

  3. 3
    Brandie says:

    Oh my goodness…I read it all, and I am from NY. I have only been couponing for a few months, and found target is a decent place to do it..but always worry about policies and rotten cashiers, bc I have heard of bad stories, and I too, hate confrontation…but seriously..that is insane..You make ME want to call to file a complaint and I don’t even live in your area…its just ignorant people wanting to be “right”…it becomes a pissing contest in their eyes..I’m sooooo sorry you had a bad exp. but I am proud you stood your ground!!!! BTW, I never comment, but I LOVE the blog, your deals..and you…LOL
    Also, I used to manage a sears portrait studio…(until their demise..LOL) and working in retail..you CAN always always always bend rules to satisfy customers…that lady was just a B-word….

  4. 4
    alicia says:

    so sad….a complaint to the better business beareau in your area needs to accompany your phone call. Target relies on a good bbb record. maybe then you may get a resolution.

  5. 5
    T. Foley says:

    I would call a local news stations, expose the creeps for what they really are. They aren’t gonna like a news team there doing a story on poor customer service and their store is the cause of it. Glad you stuck up for yourself.

    • 6

      I totally agree she should call the news and exposethis Target location for how they treat people.

  6. 7
    cassiemdow says:

    oh man! I’m impressed that you lasted that long. I would have been so furious that I would have been crying and end up walking away simply because my children were frightened. I hope that the call really does make a difference. If nothing else at all…that older cashier should be fired. How incredibly rude! I hope that your evening ends up a lot better than your day went!

  7. 8

    HUGS!!!! Hopefully corp will set them straight love.

  8. 9

    I am so sorry you went through this. I worked at Target for a couple years and I have recently become a couponer – it’s a damn shame when stuff like this happens. When training I was told that unless something states absolutely that it’s not possible, the customer is always right. Unfortunately there will always be people like this that work retail but it sounds like that store seems to be an absolute cesspool.

    • 10

      No need to apologize(sp) for telling us, I for one understand how you feel, people need to know about these lousy know it all people. I hope corporate deals with these people and they should offer you some compensation for all that crap

  9. 11
    brad lipe says:

    all i can say is WOW!! I feel so badly for the ordeal you had to endure. they really need to educate their people on the use of coupons if they’re going to accept them. not to mention getting familiar with their corporate policies. thanks for sharing with us Desirae.

  10. 12

    so so sorry Desirae, you DON’T deserve to be treated like that!!! Some people are just jerks and make up their mind that you are in the wrong no matter what you do to prove them wrong….. Keep on keeping on and thank you for standing up for us couponers who obey the rules. xoxo

  11. 13
    Kkouponista Krista says:

    I am so sorry you had this experience. Just know you’re not alone. I have a target similar to that near me (though not as bad as yours) and every time I convince myself that maybe they’ve changed and I give it another shot, the same thing happens every single time. They don’t know their policy and their employees are terribly trained.
    I always have the correct coupons, the correct sizes and the correct amount of items and I don’t use more than 4 coupons. Bla bla bla lol. Yet they still have to pick at it and inspect it and ask for 3 different opinions from other employees. Those select stores are giving target a bad reputation for discriminating against couponers.
    Try and keep your chin up though, you are wonderful and honest and everyone knows it.

  12. 14
    Renee Hall says:

    Holy crow….that is horrible. I seem to have problems with Target as well that’s why I usually avoid them if I can. They act like couponers are beneath them and that we are not welcome in their store. With Walmart price matching…I just go there. Sorry you had to go through that.

  13. 15

    Wow..sounds like some of the issues I have had. I have not done a lot of Target runs since it is not close but did have an issue at CVS. Was told I couldn’t use my coke coupons. They said limit one per purchase (NOT PER TRANSACTION) so the manager would only take one. I asked if I could get the $10 CASH CARD (was the deal that week) if I split my transactions. He said no they all had to be in one transaction. Found out when I went to another CVS that was totally wrong and that yes it was an add up thing….I despise that store and rarely go there anymore.

  14. 16

    I know what you are talking about. I’ve had problems in Walmart. I’ve had a cashier to turn down my coupons out of newspapers including the manager. Lucky they have 2 manager on duty – each one is over half of the registers. I go out the door and come back in the other door and go to a cashier on the other side and had no problems numerous times. And if that don’t work, I would go back the next day. First shift crew are the best to take coupons. But I know Target doesn’t have that many registers. Target is too far away from me to go to.

  15. 17
    Brenda says:

    I am so sorry you had to go through this humiliation!! But, take it to heart, that social media will save the day! The more people who read this and decide to call because they too have been treated like this, the faster something will be done.
    I have threatened in emails to corporate offices, to let it fly on Facebook, twitter, whatever media I can, about a negative experience. It’s amazing how quickly they back down and do the right thing.
    So, all of your fans that live in or near this store, share this story. If you too have had this happen, call, email, do whatever you can to let the corporate offices know that this type of behavior will not be tolerated!

  16. 18

    I believe I would’ve HAD to buy the tide and “accidentally” have it spill EVERYWHERE!!

  17. 20
    Christy Mitchell says:

    I would have done the same thing but also called corporate while standing in line then told them it was harassment. I was treated like this at our local Walmart and called the dist. manager on my way home who was trying to contradict what happened and basically lied about it saying the cashier thought my coupons were copies and she never said such. She told me it said limit one per purchase on coupons. I tried explaining the difference of per purchase and per transaction only for the cashier and customer behind me to jump in. It was kind of funny one coupon said per transaction and one said per purchase. If I am purchasing 4 items, I can use 4 coupons when they say off any one item. If it says per transaction, that means I must pay for each individually. The corp. office told the manager to get all his cashiers and learn the store coupon policy. My printer only prints black so they tried saying they were copies but each coupon had different numbers under barcode-Go figure-I just use self check out to have my freedom.

  18. 21
    pam clouse says:

    i have had similar experiences at different target stores here in southern California, this is the reason my mom wont coupon, she doesn’t want to be treated like a criminal ! I usually do my best to stand my ground, but in the end I have to cashier profile and only go on days/times I know certain people and managers WONT be working because they are clueless and mean !

  19. 22
    Kristin says:

    That is the same store that followed me around the whole store like I was stealing. Every isle I went to with my coupons…. They were there. HATE that target!!

  20. 23

    I really hate that you had to deal with all of that. What you were dealing with is simply miserable people, on some silly power trip as if being the manager of a Target makes her Queen of Tide Laundry Soap ruler of the world, who just also happens to be too lazy to do her job and read her own store policy. I REALLY wish this was a isolated incident but I am afraid we all have our own story about dealing with the evil Queen of Tide Laundry Soap ruler of the world ego psycho problem.

  21. 24

    I have had similar problems at Walmart. I usually go late at night so not to hold up the lines when they are busy. There is this night manager that when he sees me, he has to come and take over. The first time he came to my checkout and started helping the cashier. He went through my bags and took every coupon and dug through them and got EVERY item out and held it up next to the coupon to inspect it. I was nice and was helping him find the items Then he tried to tell me that I didn’t have one item that I had coupons for. He should know, he has now dug through my bags 50 times. I did have the items and promptly shoved them in his nose. There was not one coupon that I did not have the right item and was not allowed to use. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes to check out 1 cart!!!! I was pissed, but just smiled and left. When I got to my car, my bags were so tattered from him digging in them, they ripped when I tried to pick them up. I went back in and told him about it and made him rebag my stuff in new bags.

    Now every time I go in he jumps right over on a register to check me out. I do not help him and I just stand at the register making sure that he is doing every coupon right. Screw that, if he wants to dig back through the bags, I’m not helping him. I make a point to go late at night on the nights that he is working just to piss him off. Not one time has he been able to discredit any of my coupons. I just smile and nod while he works his butt off. He done messed with the wrong couponer.

  22. 25

    I know what you just went through. I get that here in San Diego Ca. I stand my ground as well. The other day I was in line and a lady in front had coupons they lady scaned her she paid and left. the cashier ady then looks over to the next lane and tells the other cashier dont you just love those cheap people using coupons. I was like I think that was not a nice thing to say. I said what are you losing by her using coupens? I said I use coupons and always have trouble at this store. that maybe she should use them and save money instead of telling me and m y husband the other night baout her not sleeping well and taking pains meds and drinking 🙁

  23. 26

    I was just sweating and tearing up reading your story, as I’ve been through a similar experience. What is going on with Target now? Recently, they claimed a “mistake” on their site by calling a “regular size” dress on their website Heather Gray, while the plus sized version was called Manatee Gray (that’s a big sea mammal). Sad thing is, I will probably shop there again…

  24. 27
    stephanie says:

    It’s experience like this that make me the person I am because I am a cashier these jerk cashiers are the reasons that half the people that give me an attitude do because they have miserable experiences and I go out of my way for each customer whether it’s determine which coupon gives them the biggest discount or breaking there order in to pieces to maximize
    gift card promos

    • 28

      Stephanie, I wish there were more cashiers like you!!! The Walgreens by my house has one of the nicest cashiers I’ve ever met, and she is like you, helping me get the best deal, telling me about coupons in their circular, doing multiple transactions, etc. I’ve been going to this store since it was built 13 yrs ago, and she has worked there the whole time, and knows I’m supporting 5 kiddos, so she always has my back when it comes to saving money.

      I was one of those who mistakenly thought “One coupon per purchase” meant I could only use one coupon, even though I had multiples of the same item. It was an item I was buying that had coupons already on them, and I was only going to use one coupon. She was the one who explained to me the difference between “one per purchase” and “one per transaction”. She knows her stuff, and has always explained to me the different coupon policies, especially if it means I’ll save more money 🙂 If she ever leaves that store, I’d probably stop shopping there!

      Keep up the good karma Stephanie! Hopefully, the cashiers around you will learn by your example 🙂

  25. 29

    I had a middle aged male manager at the same target give me a hard time over a price match for a toy one day bc he was too lazy to go get the iPad and pull up the match. He asked me what the difference in amount was and I told him it was $5 and he asked if it was really worth it? It really pissed me off. Eventually his lazy ass got the iPad after making sure I knew he wasn’t happy about having to do so, and I got my price match 🙂 I can’t remember his name but I think it was Matt.

  26. 30

    Once a month I check to see if any of the stores I shop have updated their policies, the print a new copy for my binder if any changes have been made. I highly suggest you do the same. It will save you the embarrassment you just went through.

  27. 31

    Just so you know, Texas (Texarkana) and Nevada (Las Vegas) Targets are just as rude and both have completely humiliated me in front of other customers when I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I finally had one too many bad Target experiences, and now no longer shop there, no matter how great the deal. I had my children with me the last time it happened, and I vowed never to let them see me treated like that again (and, no, I didn’t back down, either, but I was still in tears in front of my 5 year old). I’m so sorry they treated you like that, too, but you’re right, nothing will change. They always say it will, but it never does.

  28. 32
    Michelle S. says:

    I have had several issues with my local Target too! I refuse to go in there with coupons anymore. I have emailed corporate as well…get this, my cashier didn’t even know what a manufacturer coupon was! On top of that she threw away the Target Store coupon I used. Yea, I did go back one more time with a mobile coupon for photo prints…HA, NEVER AGAIN! Their customer service has a whole new level of ignorance. So sorry to hear about your ordeal, it’s really unfortunate we couponers have to be treated like that to get our items.

  29. 33

    Don’t give up I love Target too I hope they make it right. It would also be nice to hear them fire all of the involved staff. I would also contact BBB and you Attorney Generals office.

    • 34

      So sorry you had to go through this,Seems like every time I go to use coupons something doesn’t want to go through, but never had this kinda problem. I’ve met you and I know you go by the book 100 percent. Oh and Cookie, she keeps a copy of the policy with her all the time. That wouldn’t stop them from harassing her. I would have lost my mind with all this going on. Keep us updated if they do come through.

  30. 35

    I am sorry this happened to you. As an employee of target, and a fellow couponer, that is just frustrating. That coupon reject comes up a lot in the target system and there is always a way to push it through, even if its typing in the discount by hand. Too bad you don’t live on the other side of the country, you could shop at my store! I hope that the store will do something with their complaint from corporate. The store manager always receives a call when there is a complaint usually the next day (if not the same day). Good luck to you.

  31. 36

    I am sorry this happened to you. As an employee of target, and a fellow couponer, that is just frustrating. That coupon reject comes up a lot in the target system and there is always a way to push it through, even if its typing in the discount by hand. I hope that the store will do something with their complaint from corporate. The store manager always receives a call when there is a complaint usually the next day (if not the same day). Good luck to you.

  32. 37

    Well, I hate to say it, but that show you were on is to blame for all of this. Nothing has ever been the same again after Extreme Couponing. That show ruined it for us all. They all think we are all extreme couponers, that we are shelf clearers or that we use coupons fraudulently. That never happened to me before that show.

  33. 38

    That is terrible of them to treat you like that,I don’t think I would have been so polite. I would have called the head office right there in front of all of them. I would also keep calling them to see what they are going to do.

  34. 39
    Kimberly says:

    The coupon show has caused a lot of problems for me. That is all I hear about is that show. I have really cut back on couponing after doing it for years, I have encountered bad cashiers at stores and everything but not until that show came out. Sad we get treated that way when all we are trying to do is save some money and help our families. The stores certainly aren’t losing any money. It is really a shame cause it is hard work to get my shopping list together and put the right coupons with the stores to save me the most it isn’t an easy task and then to be treated this way really upsets me so I have cut way back it’s not worth the stress for me to go through.

  35. 40
    Ruth Hill says:

    Just wanted to say this sounds horrible. I’m from Ohio and hope that it helps to see your support. I am a manager at steaknshake. We get a lot of coupons that don’t always work together. But I still over ride them in order to keep the customer happy because that’s what its all about. Goodluck and hope things get better.

  36. 41

    I have had problems with inconsistency in the policy with my target as well. But nothing like what you went through! They usually read over my coupon and look at the item and if the coupon won’t scan they push it through but I have had it where they say they can’t! I an posting this on targets wall for sure!!!!

  37. 42

    I am so sorry you have to deal with people like this. There is NO reason to be like that! I don’t have a Target close to me. The one that is about 1 hour away never has that good of deals and most of the time they don’t even have what is on sale I just don’t deal with that store much. I hope your evening went well. And thank you for all the hints and good advice you give us.

  38. 43
    Beverly Mitchell says:

    Sweetie, I am so sorry for your rotten experience. Keep bugging corporate until you get a response! I don’t know why they act like its some skin off their butt. My daughter used to be an extreme couponer and I witnessed target in Memphis & olive branch, MS treat her like that. Once she told the cashier to just void it all off. The cashier did but she had already slid the coupons for the “legal” items in the slot in her cash drawer. Whitney wagged her hand at her & said “gimme my coupons back then”. She also got “banned” from a Walgreens over something that WAS legal and that hussy manager called the other stores in the area to warn them (we have a walgreens in every corner in memphis it seems) I thought that was going way over the line.

  39. 44
    Jennifer says:

    I am so sorry this happened! I shared this story with my husband (who helps me with couponing) and he suggested to share the story with the website ‘Consumerist.com’.

    I too have had issues with my local target, but more directed at the pharmacy. Recently I have been using the pharmacy to gain the 5% reward, and I was one rx away from the 5 needed. I checked online and discovered that the rx’s were not eligible due to being paid in part by the government… the problem: we have a regular old ppo plan! I had to go to the target and they had to reverse the rx’s and rebill insurance so that it would be billed under express scripts.. what a pain. After about 45 minutes waiting at the pharmacy it got fixed and Monday I received my 5% off.

    Target is just not the great store it once was!

  40. 45

    Wow that’s horrible! I hate when people are this ignorant.

  41. 46
    Shannon says:

    It’s not just NC it’s LA too with poor customer service and they treat you like criminals where they cannot produce policies… And I wasn’t even couponing! A few years ago I went to Target and tried on a pair of Mossimo brand black dress pants, they fit so I picked up a 2nd pair paid and left. Well for some reason 2 pairs in the same style and color, from the same rack fit completely different. So I went to exchange them. I couldn’t find my receipt, but didn’t think it would be a big deal just wanted to swap them out. Apparently it was the one time I paid cash and because they were $22.99 and their limit on refund was $20 they wouldn’t refund, which is fine I didn’t want a refund. Then they proceeded to get difficult calling team leaders, managers and security. I kept trying to tell them I just want to get another pair, then get this… The girl at guest services says well you can’t exchbage them and goes on to some “policy” that no one could produce, was not posted anywhere or on the back of the receipt. I work for a fortune five hundred company in their customer service department and I know that you should want to make your customers happy and retain them, not accuse and make them feel like criminals. I was dresses after work, so business attire, and when I kept going the girl says “how do I know untouched bought these from target?” I said well they are Mossimo brand and to my knowledge Target is the only carrier.” She then asks “how do I know you actually bought these and didn’t just walk in here pull them off a rack and try to exchange them?” REALLY?! At this point I’m upset my children are with me, security comes over telling me to calm down. I never got my pangs exchanged, they refused. I called corp and they couldn’t tell me or direct me to any policy. My mom called the other Target in town and explained over the phone that she had bought some pants that didn’t fit as well as the other pair and asked if she could exchange without a receipt, they said sure! My mom then asked if it mattered the cost of the pants, the lady said no it didn’t. So we drove 20 mins to the Taregt I only shop at now to exchange the pants. I do not go to the other Target unless I’m looking for something specific. I even worked at that store a few years before. I know they do what they want when they want without regard for their customers. They will never do any different because they know we will continue to shop at they store. But it’s just sad to see its not just here with horrible staff that don’t care about the people who help pay their salaries. I am sorry this happened to you and it’s wrong to treat someone the way you were treated.

  42. 47

    I would’ve called corporate while I was in the store.. so sorry you went through this.. it’s makes me sad and mad just reading it.. I really hope corporate does something about it for you. And good for you for blogging about it and putting it out there via social media! Your story needs to be heard and this HARASSMENT needs to stop!!

  43. 48

    I’m so sorry you had to go threw all that 🙁 I’m still very new to couponing and just doing a few things, nothing near like what you know how and I get very nervous even though I know I’m not doing anything wrong so I can imagine how you felt having different employees with total defencive attitudes and practicly bulling you must of felt. As if our coupons are part of their paycheck they’re losing??? They’re still getting paid the same! They need to calm the tits and keep the line moving!! Uhhhg sending Hugs!

  44. 49
    Janice Brodman says:

    WOW!! I am just flabbergasted by how you were treated. I have been in the restaurant business for over 20 years so I know customer service. These people, especially the elder lady who was extremely rude and going through your things, should all be terminated. I would lose my job if I acted like that towards customers, not that I ever would. The manager could have done a much better job and fixed this whole situation. I would not consider that a manager, merely a higher “presence”. I am sorry you were treated like this and really hope corporate does something about these horrible customer-service workers.

  45. 50
    Amanda says:

    Wow! I love Target and this is a horrible representation. The Target in High Point, NC is excellent! The Wal-Mart in Thomasville, NC is horrible though. I had a lady accuse me of calling her a B**** and I would never ever do that. She was mad because I told her to show me in their corporate policy that they could not accept a coupon for a free item. The funny thing is that the coupon came directly from Wal-Mart in the mail! It took 30 minutes and melted ice cream, but that lady ate her words and she no longer works there!

  46. 51

    I would also file a complaint with BBB and to corporate. When that particular store’s sales quota goes way down due to this rude behavior and lack of knowledge about coupon use, then corporate and district manager are not going to be happy but at least if everyone complains to corporate and BBB they will know the reason sales are so low for that store. Then perhaps the manager of it WILL be terminated.

    Sounds like corporate needs to give all managers manditory coupon classes so the managers can inform all cashiers of the correct usage of coupons!!!

    I hope this store’s sales go wayyyy down due to their rude and embarassing behavior to customers. Like you said, they get their money + 0.8 cents. Thanks for informing us so we will avoid this store completely and take our business to a coupon friendly store.

  47. 52
    Natasha says:

    I hate to hear you went through all that. I wanted to let you know that I sincerely enjoy your posts. They are a part of what has helped me learn as much as I have so quickly. You are 100% right about how an incident like that can have a lasting affect on people new to couponing.
    I hope you don’t mind if I share a similar story, just to share that you, and/or anyone else who has responded, are not alone in these, almost traumatizing, degrading, experiences. I really hope that eventually, I, and every single other person who is utilizing the coupons generated by the manufacturers, FOR OUR USE, can confidently walk into a store, without the worry of an employee, of any stature, making any of us feel like we are some how beneath them, merely because we are using coupons.
    So here goes…
    I am a fairly new couponer and have felt the embarrassment and frustration you wrote about, several times already. Thankfully, not at my Target since I do enjoy their deals, but at other stores, even those that I “should feel the most comfortable shopping at”. However, I seem to have a miserable experience, almost every single time I shop w/coupons at Walmart, which is why I started shopping at the stores quoted above. During my last, late night, shopping trip there, the CSM, who had decided to take over my transaction, took over an HOUR to meticulously check every single coupon I used, as she went through my already bagged items. She also had the audacity to question ME about a few coupons, as if I had copied them. They were right in front of her face and CLEARLY were not fake bc I hadn’t even printed them the same day so not only were the codes different, but the expiration dates as well! Speaking to me in a tone that a shoplifter should be spoken to, seemingly to argue w/me in front of other customers on purpose. That resulted in me, having to teach HER what the words on a coupon mean, as well as HER own stores policy on them. Regardless of the fact that I was right & she was not, to others around me, I was stared at, and felt I was being viewed as a con, doing anything I could, to pull a fast one. She also made sure to let it be known that another cashier needed to be called to the front for checkout bc of me and MY coupons. I was livid, and embarrassed but most of all, I felt hurt. The whole 30 min ride home, I was still so humiliated that I almost did not want to even tell my husband what had happened. By the time I had gotten home, the frozen and refrigerated items where warm and thawed. I was still SO angry, frustrated and embarrassed by all that had gone on during that last hour at Walmart, that the tears instantly flowed the moment my husband asked “So was it awesome again babe?!” As soon as he saw the big ol crocodile tears pouring, he was heartbroken for me. He knew that, for me, couponing had not only been something that saved us money, but had become a fun hobby for me while he’s away for long periods at a time. I enjoyed the “treasure hunt” and/or the “dance” of it all. Walking the stores while it’s quiet, discovering awesome deals others have not talked about, calculating each purchase to determine if I am actually getting a good deal or just think I am, surprising my girls w/finds I know they’ll love, getting excited about sharing a good deal w/my friends, and so on and so on. I was SO upset that I decided it would probably be best if I didn’t call corporate to complain that night. I had decided that if my cold food items had gone bad bc of her actions, I would call. Most likely, it still wouldn’t have been pretty, but I would have more ammo within my complaint. The items we have consumed so far have been ok, therefore, it seems silly to call now and I regret not calling that night. I now have some sort of weird fear, of not only shopping there, but other stores I loved as well. I hadn’t noticed the true affect that night had on me until I realized I had stopped doing one of my favorite things, during my “me” time and began only shopping close to home, not utilizing all the savings knowledge I had learned.
    Earlier tonight, well yesterday now, I actually grocery shopped (though for me the “awesome” savings aren’t from groceries, lol), for the first time since that night. I stayed close to home and though I used coupons, I still felt as awkward as I did that night. I do NOT like this feeling at ALL and I plan/hope to break this feeling tomorrow by starting out my day making my lists for all my favorite stores and getting my family the free and cheap items that I’ve taken so much time and energy to plan for.
    I am not normally the type of person to be so easily intimidated or embarrassed. I am generally kind, patient and respectable because I WAS that cashier when I was younger. I’m not sure what came over me to ever allow that to affect me the way it did, but tonight, especially after your story, I will NOT let Walmart, of all places, make ME feel like less of a person. Now a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman scene, I could get that (lol), but certainly not Walmart and I hope those of you who have felt or feel this way won’t accept it from Target either. If an incident like that happens again in that store, I will not refrain from reminding whoever is trying to make me feel that way again, that it’s people like me, WITH or without coupons, that are the reason they have a job in the first place, so I’d appreciate some respect, regardless of how I’m paying, coupons or cash.
    I apologize for such a long story. I think hearing your story Desirae, along with every ones posts, helped give me that last little boost and helped me realize it’s not just me getting picked on…apparently inspired me to vent a little. 😉 lol I DO hope you keep sharing and teaching and inspiring new people to use the coupons that are printed for a reason and save their cash for the more fun things in life! I’m starting small but tonight I used a little of the cash I saved to buy a movie to watch with my kids tomorrow night. 😉 Next dip into the savings…..Trip to somewhere tropical! lol

  48. 53

    So sad but this has happened to me and my friends at that same store on exit 25. We were even followed.

  49. 54
    Brittney says:

    that is the same store I had a problem with the crest toothpaste coupon and another couponer in my group said they wouldn’t allow her to stack the target with a man q

  50. 55
    Brooke says:

    Their customer service is awful if you have coupons. And they have no idea what goes on in their own weekly ads. I can’t tell you how many times I had to fight for the ‘gift card with purchase’ deals. The most recent being stouffers. Usually I back down, but I was NOT backing down from that one! I even brought them the signs and they still said there was nothing they could do. So I accused them of stealing lol. How many people were getting taken for $5 when they bought those that week? In the end they ended up giving me $5 cash. But it was awful, and it’s true they make YOU feel like a criminal for knowing the rules!

  51. 56
    Kim Renee' says:

    You go girl! I have been treated poorly a few times couponing and not even a big load. Once Walmart told me this like 4 years back they don’t take coupons and being so new I believed it. And a few other bad experiences so hard to get my courage up again to do it. I am very mindful to get the exact thing on the coupon and watch expires dates etc. You would know more than I but my guess as they see coupons as a pita and more cashier time. However I will give kudos to Publix in my area where if you slide debit/credit card etc. first question it says is do you have coupons. I might dip my toes in again. Thanks for your standing up for yourself. And triple boos on that TARGET shame on you.

  52. 57

    I would have called corporate while I was standing in line the first time the lady pissed you off! I wouldn’t have cared who’s time I was wasting after being imbarrassed. I have had a situation like this, not as bad, at Wal-Mart. I wish I had their corporate number then I would have held up the whole line, especially since it was 8am and there was only 1 register open!

  53. 58

    Wow…as a new couponer I would have just left. I would defiantly follow up with coperate and find out what they are going to handle the situation. Also, calling a news or radio station is a great idea. Coperate should send a secret shopper with coupons and see for themselves how their staff is treating there customers.

  54. 59

    What a horrible experience!! I felt like that about a month ago! They make it seem like your stealing and they obviously get paid back! Every store is different and hope Target does something about this bad encounter!!

  55. 60
    Vanessa says:

    That’s awful.. I’m so sorry you were made to feel that way. With the surge in coupon use, the employees need to be trained consistently at all stores. Nationwide. Period. I would have just left everything and let them put it all away. ugh..

  56. 61
    Kelly McCoy says:

    I have been couponing for almost 2 years and I try to avoid Target by all means possible. They are the worst for making someone feel terrible and totes like a criminal. I went there this week for dog food and luckily nothing bad happened. I feel for everyone that gets treated like this. I have set up some transactions for my mom and they have turned her off of coupons and their store also. The bad part is it is all across the country not just a few stores in a few places. With all of the bad publicity, you would think that corporate would take a bigger part is stopping this treatment of customers.

  57. 62

    I’ve experienced similar treatment at Walmart. I have pretty much let them win. I live about an hour from another Walmart or a Target. They treated me like a criminal from the second I walked in. I was known as the “coupon lady” even though I was nowhere near the extreme couponer. The most coupons I used at one time was maybe 10-20. My young niece started working there and while she was training I happened to go in the store. The person training her said to pay attention to me. I was the person who tried to steal stuff with coupons and that the csm had to be called when I checked out. Also that I was the reason their Walmart changed their coupon policy. I never at any time tried to use a coupon incorrectly. Not ever. But it is true, at least three cashiers would stand behind the checkout and take turns scrutinizing my items and my coupons and treating me like a thief. I showed them their own coupon policy numerous times and the csm told me she didn’t care what the walmart coupon policy said. That this was HER store and I was not using those coupons in HER store. Calling the corporate office does absolutely no good. Emailing them does no good either. And NONE of the cashiers understand the difference between purchase/transaction. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, I know first hand how embarrassing it is.

  58. 63
    connie says:

    I had a bad experience with Target last time to, but nothing like yours I called the mgr gave them the 3rd degree plus I was overcharged I will see Sat how they plan to make it up

  59. 64
    Diania says:

    Maybe you should get a lot of couponers together and all go to that Target coupons in hand and all go to same register or even one to each open register and give them a taste of their own medicine. Make it even better if everyone purchased the same item. I have learned to stand up to cashiers. I think they are jealous sometimes of people that use coupons. If they want the same deals as we will get they should start using coupons.

  60. 65
    Cherie says:

    Not sure if your local news does this type of feature story but I’d call them…..they just love this kind of thing! They will go to Target for their version…and perhaps even he store….I worked in retail for years and you get some winners out there – but you were NOT doing anything wrong….and cooperate told you so…..make them call Jack and explain it – tne let the other two witches file for unemploymnt…I’d of lost my job if I did that kind of thing! 🙁

  61. 66

    It is sad but when I check out with a lot of coupons that I have gone through and checked and double checked I look for the dumbest looking clerk. The one that will just scan and not question. The one that will hit the K1 key if something comes up. It is horrible but it is true. Target staff is hit or miss.

  62. 67
    Brittany says:

    I would have walked out after nearly smacking the lady for going through my cart!!! who the hell does she think she is?! ugh.

  63. 68

    That is horrible! Sorry you had to such a bad experience. I am proud of the way you handled yourself! Maybe you could send a copy of your post and the link to the corporate office, the store and the individuals involved at that Target store, and the Better Business office, and the local news……… Maybe you could contact the makers of tide also. Let them know of your experience with their coupon! Maybe they could educate the store also…
    I hope you follow up on this! Have a great day!!!

  64. 69
    Claudia says:

    WOW, now that was a story :)… But you know what I am so glad you stood your ground! SO GLAD! I as many other couponers had my own battles in store..And although quite embarrassing, sometimes I just cant back away from a situation with a transaction. As for target specifically I try to avoid, because cashiers and backed up by managers always seem to make up their own policy’s. But so far I think Walgreens has been my worse with managers. One really bad time I had a problem with some clearance toys. One manager gave me the ok on tagged price another made a huge deal of how I can take them for pretty much nothing. So after a long discussion and embarrassing moment, I just left. I went back a week after and noticed him in store with another cashier I walked by him and from the corner of my eye on a turn I noticed him pointing at me. I carried on as whatever when I realized he was following me around the store. And stop on aisles away from me and would just stare with no shame on the mirrors they have in the back of the store. When I went to check out he stood next to the cashier and said. Any coupon deals u want to make today? I said yes, he told the cashier to double check everything was in order. Im missing details but believe me I was embarrassed and called corporate. The first encounter we had a confrontation, the second time I just felt creeped out! I sure wish more couponers would stand up for the WRITTEN policies and not let them have their way, to keep trying to intimidate us. So thank you!

  65. 70

    I do know this is easier said than done, but in this particular circumstance, rather than calling corporate from my car after the fact, I would have been inclined to stand right there in line and call corporate IN FRONT OF the cashier, the manager, security-the whole store. Then if I was certain I was right, I might be so inclined to put them on speaker (hey, you’re being recorded, they can certainly go on speaker). Let their own corporate tell them you are correct and forget having to worry about the lack of follow up.

    One of these days, stores will be scrutinizing our cash like they comb over coupons and act like those of us paying cash are stealing!

  66. 71

    WOW! First, so sorry you had to go through this. Second, thank you for sticking it out and seeing this experience to the end and blogging about it. I’m a wimp and would have just left. I really hope that Target sees this post! I don’t shop at Target, but because the stores here in Denver are so marked up, its not even worth shopping with coupons.

  67. 72

    The second time the male manager stepped in, I would have cut him off right there and pulled out my phone and called corporate for clarification, ON SPEAKERPHONE. Maybe then the manager would learn his policies.

  68. 73

    I am so sorry that you had to endure such a horrible experience. I have had the same issue at my Target and just decided not to go back even if the deals are that good. I know that I should but I just hate being treated like that. I think that their staff is not being trained on their policy and how to handle coupons, language, etc. Hang in there! You know that we appreciate all of your efforts and thank you for sharing all of your tips. Keep strong and continue saving if not at that Target at another one 😉

  69. 74

    Target is not just horrible to couponers. Target is horrible to a large variety of people. I do still shop there occasionally b/c I believe they are better than Wal-mart, but I try to limit purchases at either chain. There are other places to get good deals on the same items, and I believe in voting with my feet. If you go back and continue to shop at their stores when corporate won’t support you, then you are enabling their behavior with every dollar you spend. Make them pay by shopping at their biggest competitor in town.

  70. 75
    Sheila says:

    I copied your web address & posted it on Targets facebook! Everybody find it and like so they will know we mean business!

  71. 76
    Candace says:

    I’m right with you on standing your ground and not giving up.I can’t shop at our local Target. Any coupon that is handed to them is treated as if its a blink piece of paper.Always questioned even when its a coupon they pull off the item.I shop mostly at Walmart because of ad match and overage.There are a few sour nose people that act like I’m stealing and a cashier manager that stops what she is doing and will point out what she thinks the cashier missed.Which she never allows the cashiers to do there job in the first place.One of those,I’m always right people.I’m not trying to get something for free,I’m just simply using the policies that are in place,along with coupons that are valid, to save for our growing family.Keep up the good work and know your not alone!~Anaheim,CA

  72. 77

    You said it – inconsistency. I used to work at Target as a supervisor at the checkout, and my store was one that made it a priority to train the cashiers on the coupon policy and we regularly re-trained when something new came up – like when they started accepting computer-printed coupons when they hadn’t before. And we were always careful to let the cashiers know when something came up like a coupon that by all appearances should work just fine even though our computer system rejected it … so I know for a fact that any cashier can override the system to accept a coupon if necessary – it doesn’t even have to be a manager unless it’s something really big. Good for you for standing your ground, and hopefully someday corporate will realize they need to enforce consistent training so honest couponers like us don’t get treated this way!

  73. 78

    It is this exactly jealous behavior of cashiers / managers at a few Targets and all of the Walmarts in the Los Angeles Area, that cause me to only shop at two Targets in all of the Greater Los Angeles area. As a couponer, I shop and talk about shopping more than anyone I know. I also spend a great deal of my time as a word of mouth advertiser for countless brands and products my couponing has introduced me to. I always convince everyone I know to avoid these particular Targets, and all Walmart stores. Let the stores with insightful marketing-minded managers and well trained associates THRIVE from our opions and word of mouth and the other stores will CLOSE as they continue to ignorantly undermine the billion dollar marketing efforts of manufactures and Target Corporate alike as we inform EVERYONE we know, especially through our blogs and social networks. It is make it or break it time for retail. Get your particular store with it, or just hand over the industry to EBAY and AMAZON.

  74. 79

    Please tell me that you posted this on the TARGET fb page (the entire story) also…it needs to go on it. You also need to tweet about this.

  75. 80

    I am so glad that you called corporate. I call Walmart corporate regularly when the cashiers at my local store do not follow the policy

  76. 81
    Heather says:

    I’ve been doing coupons for 2+years and was in a store yesterday and the young cashier told me because why my coupons wasn’t scanning was all the issue’s with everyone using them and the store’s losing so much money,oh I let her know that I know the store’s don’t lose nothing,they get money back plus they get extra for taken them.Hate it when they blame the coupon’s because they don’t know how to scan it and they machine is not scanning right.

  77. 82
    Brooke Leonard says:

    So sorry that happened to you! That was so not right! Very mad at that Target myself. So great that you stayed calm, not sure if I would have in that situation. I know how it feels to be treated like a criminal, I was accused of shoplifting from a store, just because I didn’t buy anything(they didn’t have what I was looking for or I was checking the price on something) and the manager followed me into the parking lot and told me she was going to be watching me anytime I came in the store. I told her I’m just not going to go back in the store anymore and didn’t until she stopped working there.

  78. 83
    Ana Nogueras says:

    I just read your target experience and I had a bad experience @ Rite Aid with a coupon and I realized that it is not the company but the cashiers/managers. I bought allegra 24 with a 5 dollar coupon, however i needed allegra d. The coupon did state both items, that was not the issue. The cashier was helping me just fine but the manager came over and interjected and the issue began. I had a receipt for my purchase but as soon as he saw I had used a coupon, his attitude changed.
    Had I walked in without a receipt, he would have refunded me a gift card, his words. (shows discrimination against couponer)
    He said he was going to take an additional 5 dollars off my receipt because I used a coupon. Really?
    Not understanding, I asked why. He stated that I used a coupon, we did not get anywhere, so I called corporate, we were all in agreement except this manager however corporate said they had no authority over this manager so reluctantly I left and went to another Rite Aid with no incident…

    I did get a call from the regional manager the next day and she apologized, she stated she would like for me to teach classes and would allow me to use her store to show new couponers the correct way of using them….REALLY! I don’t think I would recommend and subject fellow couponers to such discrimination. I feel her apology was not enough, I was embarrased, aggravated and treated differently. I will not return to that store.

  79. 85

    I too had bad experiences with Target in my area. I was also treated like a criminal. The cashier( bulldog) took my coupons after ringing up my products and read each one ( all 15 of them) like a second grader, holding up the line. She had a bad attitute to begin with when she saw my coupons from the beginning. She wasnt courteous, never gave me eye contact at all, all she saw was the coupons and it seemed almost hoping to find something wrong with them. They all worked just fine minus 2, bu it was just that feeling of being treated like a crook. I have worked in retail before and this kinda thing from a cashier is forbidden. I blame this on the store manager at this Target store, Like that ole sayin goes “If you dont care, Then I dont care.

  80. 86
    Michelle Ellis says:

    I had the same experience today with the SAME Tides, same price, and same Target and Manufacturer coupons! They told me they were trial size and made me feel like I was trying to “rip off the system”! I hate the inconsistency at Target……it all depends on which cashier and which manager you have that day.

  81. 87

    any updates?

  82. 88

    I Just got to finally read your blog as it was so busy the first night. I am sorry for u that u went threw this. I have had a few small problems like Walmart telling me if a printable coupon doesn’t scan it can’t be used but the can key a newspaper one. I printed the policy when I got home and there is no differenct as long as all the right #’s are there, and other small things. I try to stay to what they say and have them take items back if they disagree. It is fustrating more because the Cashiers and Managers don’t get that this is Their jobs on the line. If we can’t coupon we can’t by as much or name brands even. We will be shopping in the cheaper stores and not theres. Coupons allow us to afford to shop in their stores and buy more items. Less sales mean less employees. Stores never lose out on coupons and manufacorers give them the money and manufactores stay in business by coupons too. Look at the whole pic and think when u complain we are the people working for small pays trying to feed our families while the government takes our money to give to the ones sitting home an EBT’ing (welfare) their groceries. The welfare food stamp program gives more for food alotment than I have so I need to coupon to help me feed my family, help u keep your job and help everyone not pay for me to be sitting on the system like so many others!!!!! Please get the big picture here and thanks for standing up for us couponers and sharing. I do appreciate all u do Desiree. 🙂

  83. 89

    Write a personal letter to the Ceo and also get Bill McGinty on it.

  84. 90

    Everybody who posted to Target’s FB page might want to repost if they’re deleting the comments – I didn’t see anything there other than “official” posts to the timeline. Tweeting is a great idea, since their PR machine can’t delete those! Make sure to include @Target (or whatever their Twitter handle is) and a hashtag or two for good measure so we can try to take this story viral!

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