New Produce Store – Look What I Scored For $10.17!

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So if you are near or in Mooresville, NC there is a new produce store that just opened called Nature Ripe Produce. Today I finally got a chance to head over there & check it out. The place looks like the pictures you see above with just long pallet tables with all kinds of product and then their prices above. Today I scored because a lot of  the produce was marked down – I guess they mark down every few days to get rid of it and bring new in. Its always nice to find a place where you can score produce for pretty cheap! I am starting to eat healthy &  I know eating healthy comes with a bigger price tag.

I am so excited because this will be where I shop for my produce for now on because I score all those items you see in the image below for just $10.17!!

The location of the shop is:

235 bldg A Rolling Hills Road
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117


1 Watermelon $3
1 Pineapple – free with any purchase
1 Butternut squash $.50
4 Green peppers 4 for $1
4 Huge red peppers 4 for $1
4 Lemons 4 for $1
4 Roma tomatoes 4 for $1
2 Avocados $.50 ea
5 Oranges $.10 ea



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    i would love to find one of these in my area ; ) love produce stads and farmers markets!

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    Hi Desirae,
    Tried to mapquest this and couldn’t find it- can you give me some landmarks where its near? I am near Carrigan farms in Mooresville. Thanks!

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      Go behind chickfila on that road about a mile down on the left hand side you will see it. Its at the end of a shopping center, not a big sign but lots of produce signs on the windows.

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    that is great – i am closer to lincolnton but it would totally be worth a bit of a drive!

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